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About your shopping


1. Ordering and awarding the contract

The customer chooses the desired product and by clicking on the link icon »Add to cart« adds the selected item to the shopping cart. The order procedure for the selected goods is in step 5. By clicking on the shopping cart icon, the buyer accesses the order form for this product. In the form, the buyer proceeds with the second step i.e. choosing a payment method - credit card, the third step by selecting the Delivery mode where you can enter another delivery address, if it is different from the payer's address, the fourth step with a Review of the order where the customer sees the entire order with all selected items, prices, discounts and possible shipping costs, where it can still be decided to not make the purchase and the last fifth step Confirmation of the order when the customer issues the order. In each of the steps, the customer has the option of returning a step back. After the award of the contract, the customer receives a notice/contract (the contract is in the Slovene language) on the screen and thus the order is accepted into the queue. At this stage, the buyer has the option of canceling an order via e-mail or phone. You can contact us by e-mail at splet@eurogarden.si or by phone +386 1 24 25 100 for errors, corrections or additions to the order, and we will take into account all your comments, errors or corrections. In case of successfully awarded contract, you will also receive a confirmation note after the submission, and you will receive a copy of your order by e-mail. If you do not see this note and no number of your order is displayed on the screen, it means either a technical error or incorrectly entered data has occurred. You can repeat the process or contact us for help.

2. Order confirmed

After two hours of receiving the order in the queue, but not exceeding 72 hours, the provider shall examine the order and, if necessary, may reject it for a valid reason. The provider reserves the right to call the customer at his contact telephone number or contact him by e-mail if necessary.

3. Goods have been dispatched

In the promised deadline, the provider shall pack and dispatch goods.